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8 ASMR cooking Influencers to fuel your ASMR obsession

Check out these Influencers for your daily ASMR cooking dose

asmr cooking influencers

ASMR cooking videos are some of the most popular videos on the internet, but in case you want more, follow these Influencers.

ASMR Cooking Influencers

Viewers love to watch creators and TikTokers prepare delicious meals while making soothing sounds, like chopping vegetables, whisking ingredients, and frying food. ASMR cooking videos can be relaxing and therapeutic, and they can also be a great way to learn new recipes and cooking techniques. If you’re looking for some ASMR cooking inspiration, here are eight influencers you should check out:

Jujumao (@jujumaoeats)

With over 950 thousand followers on Instagram, Jujumao is known for his ASMR cooking videos on TikTok and Instagram. His recipes will help you explore a side of food you may not have navigated before.

Zach (@zachchoi)

Zach is the best-known ASMR cooking Influencer on social media. With over 6 million followers on YouTube and Instagram, Zach is always introducing his followers to new recipes that you can try out too.

Chocolate Cacao (@chocolate_cacao)

@chocolate_cacao Ultimate Chocolate Brownie 究極のチョコレートブラウニー #chocolate #asmr #brownies #tiktokfood #cooking ♬ オリジナル楽曲 – YouTuber チョコレートカカオ

This TikTok star will fuel any viewer’s love for chocolate with his super-sweet recipes. Watching his videos will make your mouth water. Chocolate Cacao is one of the best ASMR cooking Influencers on social media, with more than 1.8 million followers on TikTok, so don’t miss out on any content and follow them now.

Suga Bite (@suga.bite)

@suga.bite 🍅🥫 Tomato Sauce 🥫🍅 Siz konservelerinizi nasıl yaptınız? #domatessosu#domateskonservesi#tomatosauce#tomatocan#asmrfood ♬ original sound – Suga Bite 🤍

Suga shares ASMR videos that cover a range of recipes, from simple ones such as Tomato Sauce to more advanced ones such as Shakshuka, making her one ASMR cooking Influencer you don’t want to miss out on.

Kay (@fationatefoodbelly)

If you want beginner-level recipes and are open to experimenting with new cuisines, this is one account you cannot miss out on. Kay shares easy recipes with some amazing ASMR sounds that will soothe you like nothing else. She has garnered over 120 thousand followers on Instagram, and over 400 thousand likes on each of her recipes, so you know she’s legit.

Sam (@samseats)

@samseats Lamb Kebabs 🥙 Full recipe is in my new book! Link in bio to order 🔥 #fyp #cooking #recipe #food #asmr #comfortfood #foodtiktok #foodtok #datenight #easyrecipe #tiktokfood #kebab ♬ original sound – Sam Way

Make easy and comfortable recipes with Sam while enjoying the amazing sounds he makes with his chopping board. He has garnered over 10 million followers on TikTok, all thanks to his great videos, so remember to give him a follow.

Men With the Pot (@menwiththepot)

@menwiththepot The Sweetest 🔥Nutella & Oreo Bread #menwiththepot #fyp #asmr #foodporn #foryou #sweet #fire #nature #4u ♬ original sound – menwiththepot

These Influencers are going back to basics and cooking outside over an open fire. While you don’t have to do that, you can enjoy their videos full of sounds of nature, fire, cutting up food, and more! Men with the Pot has garnered over 12 million followers on the popular video-sharing application.

Lindsey (@lindseyeatsla)

@lindseyeatsla Pizza with smoked tomato sauce, loads of garlic and cherry tomatoes using my @NinjaKitchen Woodfire Outdoor Oven! First I smoked the tomatoes and garlic (blended to make a sauce) then switched to the pizza setting that gets up to 700 degrees to cook my no-turn pizza (pizza cooked to perfection in 3 mins, hello!) #SponsoredByNinja #NinjaWoodfire #NinjaOutdoorOven ♬ original sound – Lindsey Eats

Lindsey has garnered over 480 thousand followers with her ASMR cooking videos. Just watching her cook will make your mouth water. She makes cooking easier, fun, and all the more delicious, so don’t miss out on her content!

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