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8 creative ideas to boost engagement on TikTok

Want to boost engagement on TikTok? Keep reading!

You’ve probably heard of writer’s block but have you ever felt the same way on social media? If you’re anything like us, then you often find yourself wanting to boost engagement on TikTok only to notice that you’re running out of new ideas that can keep your audience engaged. However, we’ve done our research and we’re here to give you 8 ideas for your next TikTok video, which is guaranteed to bring in a few extra likes and comments.

1. Give popular recipes a try

If there’s one thing that can boost engagement on TikTok, it’s viral recipes. There are endless food content creators on the app constantly coming up with new content that everyone is eager to recreate so why don’t you? We all love to see someone else’s take on a famous dish or recipe.

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2. Film tutorials

Even though the platform increased its maximum video length to 10 minutes, short tutorials are still the best way to grab your audience’s attention and keep them waiting for the end of your video to boost engagement on TikTok. Just identify your target audience and their interests then proceed with filming a tutorial they’d really be interested in; these tutorials would be the perfect opportunity to also show your products in action to promote sales.

Tutorials to boost engagement on TikTok
Photo credit: How to be a Redhead

3. Collaborate with other creators

What about tapping into an audience that’s similar to yours in order to boost engagement on TikTok? To do so, you can research and reach out to influencers who spread the same values and content as you and discuss the prospect of reaching new people by partnering up together to create content. With this idea, you can promote their pages and they’ll do the same for yours.

Photo credit: Carro

4. Try viral TikTok hacks

Can you actually fix a broken sink with some ramen noodles? It’s up to you to film a video to see if it’s a myth or fact in order to boost engagement on TikTok. This kind of video typically involves funny commentaries and a reaction that depends on how well the trick actually works.

Photo credit: Insider

5. Take part in TikTok challenges

To boost engagement on TikTok, users or influencers can participate in viral challenges, especially the ones that relate to their brand or personal image. For example, the recent ‘pen and cup’ challenge, in which participants say they’re going to do something then throw a pen at a cup and if the pen goes inside the cup the person has to actually get it done, has been attracting many new viewers and we can say people are getting creative when it comes to twisting it and presenting a new version of it.

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6. Go live

Live streams are yet another way to boost engagement on TikTok. As with other social platforms, you can go live and open discussions with your followers to connect with your audience and build authentic relationships; however, it is important to structure your live appearance and make sure that all that goes on during it should adhere to your brand.

Photo credit: StreamElements Blog

7. Share educational content

Just like the rest of us, your audience is probably also curious to know more about a few topics; then why let them look for information elsewhere when you can be the one to provide them with it? Nonetheless it is important to find a balance if you choose to incorporate educational videos into your strategy by regularly posting engaging and entertaining ones on your profile.

@oh_maddy Reply to @candidspy I’m sorry you are so uneducated on autism… but that’s why we’re here 😊 #earlysignsofautism #toddler #autismawareness #educate ♬ original sound – OH MADDY!

8. Use trending sounds

Last but not least, using trending sound is also a great way to boost engagement on TikTok. These sound clips can either include spoken words or music, which makes them versatile and suitable for different purposes whether it’s a lip-sync video or just a reaction video.

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