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The Blueberry Milk Nails trend 2023 has TikTokers fuming

Blueberry milk nails are the next cosmetic fad to take over TikTok.


Rather than succumbing to the hype this time, Generation Z is utilizing the trend to ask why contemporary culture has left us so desperate for a sense of self that we’re supposed to be passionate about…Nail polish in blue.


Are we naming everything now?

Caitlyn, an artist who posts content that promotes critical thought about economics, philosophy, and society, sparked the conversation about blueberry milk nails and Gen Z’s reaction to this fad.

Caitlyn discovered that this particular trend was causing indignation among Generation Z because it seemed to be a marketing tactic.

If it isn’t evident, ‘blueberry milk nails’ are just light blue nails that have been repackaged to cater to Gen Z’s fixation with labels and aesthetics. Thousands of TikTok users have contributed videos and comments criticizing the lack of transparency. i will be wearing this nail polish for the rest of my life regardless LOL SO CUTE #fyp #blueberrymilknails #nails #makeup #trending ♬ original sound – katie

Caitlyn uses blueberry milk nails as an example of how “identity is shaped by capitalism” in a TikTok video that has over 2.9 million views at the time of writing.

Blueberry Capitalism?

She compares blueberry milk nails to’starter pack’ memes, noting that under capitalism, a large portion of our sense of self is constructed by the things we consume and how those things fit into certain identity boxes because most people don’t have the time or resources to explore who they truly are.

“Capitalism only provides us with the illusion of choice.” “However, these starter packs that people are posting about themselves are essentially manufactured by focus groups about an ideal client base for a specific product,” she explains. “These products and our relationship to them is becoming a kind of proxy for a sense of person.”

Caitlyn says that because self-discovery is “reserved largely for those who can afford it” under capitalism, corporations create “cheap substitutes” for us to form our identities around. These alternatives assist us in expressing who we wish to be.

@c.a.i.t.l.y.n on #blueberrymilknails and how identity is shaped by capitalism. to clarify some points: i actually disagree w jia tolentino’s point that people are “too busy” with self actualization – under capitalism, self actualization is reserved largely for those who can afford it, and instead we have to buy cheap substitutes. and why are people *mad* abt blueberry milk nails? probably bc they recognize it as a dumb marketing trick and are placing annoyance with all dumb marketing tricks onto this one. #socialism #feminism #marxism #politics #theorytok #philosophy #corecore ♬ original sound – caitlyn 🌹

Several producers, including @gabzilla_rawr, have stitched Cailtyn’s video, implying that our fixation with being viral has contributed to the growth of these manufactured identity “trends.”

She claims that, unlike past generations, there is now a recognized formula for going viral on TikTok, which includes how you appear and what your life looks like on the platform. With the development of TikTok, it has become increasingly usual for young people to adopt a fabricated persona, since we are rewarded for it by going viral or establishing a following. Essentially, Gen Z’s individuality is being lost in the pursuit of beating the algorithm and becoming TikTok famous.

@gabzilla.rawr Apparently, I shouldn’t be here from the mom niche because then I confuse the algorithm and they don’t know who to show my video to another way the reptilian overlords curate it all for us. #socialmedia #viralcontent #capitalism #blueberrymilknails @caitlyn 🌹 #greenscreen ♬ original sound – gabi | the miami mami

While this may sound depressing, the discussion surrounding blueberry milk nails indicates that Generation Z is thinking critically about the forces that drive current culture, as well as what determines their own personal identities, both online and offline.


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