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How to achieve TikTok’s perfect Bubble Bath nails 2023

Discover how to achieve TikTok’s viral Bubble Bath Nails in 3 easy steps

How to achieve TikTok's perfect Bubble Bath nails 2023

TikTok trend takeover

A new nail trend, affectionately known as “bubble bath” nails, is making waves in the beauty world. Popularized by celebrities like Selena Gomez and Kourtney Kardashian Barker, this neutral and minimalist manicure is capturing the hearts of nail enthusiasts globally. In sync with the rise of aesthetics emphasizing simplicity, bubble bath nails offer a timeless and chic option for those who prefer a subtle yet polished look.

What are the “Bubble Bath” nails?

At the heart of this trend lies a specific nail color inspired by the iconic shade from OPI. Described as a milky, pinky nude, Bubble Bath nails have become a timeless salon staple and a go-to choice for nude nails. The color’s subtle charm, described as “slightly translucent,” allows it to transform into a beautiful pink, complementing various skin tones and nail lengths. The versatility of Bubble Bath nails makes them an excellent option for different occasions, from everyday wear to special events.

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How to get TikTok’s “Bubble Bath nails?

Step 1: Manicure preparation

Before diving into the application, ensure thorough nail prep and shaping. According to Iram Shelton, a UK-based celebrity nail artist, this step is crucial for achieving salon-quality results. Skipping this initial preparation may hinder the desired polished look.

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Step 2: Application

Begin by applying the Bubble Bath shade evenly to your nails. The milky, pinky nude color should be layered based on your preference. The slightly translucent nature of the shade allows you to customize the intensity, achieving a beautiful pink hue.

Step 3: Final touches

Once the application is complete, marvel at your Bubble Bath nails. This tried-and-true shade complements any outfit and suits a multitude of occasions, whether you’re at the beach, attending a job interview, or walking down the aisle.

How to achieve TikTok's perfect Bubble Bath nails 2023

 As TikTok’s #BubbleBathNails hashtag gains momentum with almost 10 million views, it’s evident that this barely-there nail trend is here to stay. Embrace the simplicity and elegance of Bubble Bath nails, and let your nails speak volumes with this chic and minimalistic choice.

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