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Cybertruck owner posts 2 ‘ anxiety inducing’ photos

Let’s just say this Tesla fan is incredibly good at parking his cybertruck

Paul sure can Park

No matter how adept you think you are at parking, chances are you have nothing on this X user with this cybertruck.

Paul Clark (@pclark15), a content creator, is one of the first Tesla fans to get their hands on a Cybertruck since the futuristic pickup began shipping to customers a month ago.


He also appears to possess a white Tesla Model Y, prompting many people to wonder if both vehicles might fit in a single double garage.

Fans Response

Clark posted a picture of his two Teslas in one garage, and let’s just say it’s an extremely tight squeeze.

“They do fit!” Clark insisted in his caption, yet the photograph makes individuals feel a variety of emotions.

“There’s no way in hell I’d try this.” “This photo has triggered my anxiety,” one X user commented, while another joked, “Did you have to climb out through the air vents?”

Others were simply astonished by Clark’s abilities: “Very nice parking, tight squeeze,” someone more commented.

But it could just be the perspective of the photo; Clark stated in the comments that he could still ‘comfortably’ get in and out of any door.

Clark has been demonstrating many of the Cybertruck’s fascinating capabilities, such as the ‘Defrost Truck’ setting.

Clark chose this option on a chilly morning in Austin, Texas, and you can witness the ice melt from the glass in a timelapse video.

Cybertruck never ends …

He’s also demonstrated the truck’s powerful single windscreen wiper, which has gone viral for how much it may cost to replace (that’s $240 or £189), as well as some of the lower-tech amenities, such as the bottle opener in the trunk.

Then there’s the adorable ‘Dog Mode,’ which you can activate if you’re getting out of the car with your dog inside. It keeps the air conditioning running, and there’s a warning on the big screen in front advising anyone passing by who’s worried: ‘My driver will be back shortly,’ as well as an indication of the temperature inside.

All of that is impressive, but you’d need a lot of money in the bank to get your hands on a Cybertruck – and that’s without even considering the waiting list.

According to Tesla, three variants are available, with the rear-wheel-drive version starting at an estimated $60,990 (£48,200) and the high-end Cyberbeast costing roughly $99,990 (£79,000).

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