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Dua Lipa’s bizarre ice cream topping has become the next viral food sensation

Can’t decide between sweet and savory?
Thanks to Dua Lipa, you do not have to


Dua – Our Latest Trend Setter

In the latest food fad to hit TikTok, influencers are drizzling olive oil over their regular vanilla ice cream that Dua Lipa shared.

While the flavor profile appears unusual, the Dua Lipa-approved dessert has shocked many with a sweet craving, who frankly expected the delicacy to be “trash” but are instead referring to it as a “elite combination.”

Nara Smiths Take

“This has been my favorite late-night snack lately, thanks Dua Lipa” influencer Nara Smith stated in a TikTok video with 7.9 million views.

First, she scoops out two — sometimes four — scoops of delicious vanilla ice cream, followed by a generous drizzle of “good” olive oil and a sprinkling of flaky sea salt.


“It’s so good,” she exclaimed. “It’s so addicting.”


Claudia Sulewski, the girlfriend of artist Finneas O’Connell, promoted the Dua Lipa sumptuous dessert online this month, although some called it a luxury snack.

“This is a rich person’s dessert,” remarked one viewer.

“Hear me out, what if you used hot fudge and whipped cream?” Another joked.

“If I have a sweet tooth and have ice cream in the freezer I will simply eat the ice cream,” someone else said.

Users were surprised to hear that the ice cream dish is an Italian favorite known as gelato with olio e sale.


“Dessert can become very unilateral and ice cream can fall into that trap,” Andrew Berinin, the CEO and co-founder of the olive oil business Graza, told PureWow, calling it a “umami bomb.”

“The greatest way to spice things up is to add unexpected flavors. With good extra virgin olive oil, you get incredibly punchy and grassy aromas, which adds a pleasant complexity.”

An American Dream

In the United States, the dessert predates TikTok. In the early 2010s, Big Gay Ice Cream featured olive oil and sea salt as toppings for their soft serve, along with elderflower syrup and wasabi pea dust, which led Sebastian’s Ice Cream to create a chocolate-dipped sea salt taste.

In New York City, hungry customers can obtain gelato with olio at L’Industrie Pizzeria in Williamsburg or at Softside’s walk-up window in Soho, which serves vanilla soft serve drizzled with olive oil and honey.

Last spring, Starbucks introduced the Oleato, an olive oil-infused coffee, which baffled customers and upset their stomachs.

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