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Gen Z trend alert! How to decorate your Christmas tree 2023

This is how Gen Z is decorating their trees. Hope on to a new trend…

Gen Z trend: How to decorate your Christmas tree 2023

Gen Z channels ballet-core into Christmas

In a year dominated by a nostalgic embrace of Gen Z icons like Barbie and Taylor Swift, the latest trend in holiday decor is foregoing traditional ornaments in favor of soft, childlike bows. The rise of the hyper-feminine ballet-core aesthetic has influenced designers like Sandy Liang, renowned for her delicate trademark ribbons, making bows a centerpiece in the style landscape.

@hanbuis πŸŽ€ A quick and easy way to decorate your Christmas tree this year. I also insert how I make my ribbons into bows perfect everytime. For all the πŸŽ€ obsessed girlies outthere, love – Han 🀍 #christmas #christmastreedecorating #christmastreebowtutorial #christmasdecorating #fyp ♬ original sound – Han ΰΌ˜β‹†βœΏ

Awaken the little girl

This playful yet elegant embellishment, once described by Liang as a “childhood emblem,” has transcended its holiday roots. On TikTok, the search for “Christmas tree bows” has garnered over 10 billion views, as creators turn to local craft stores for rolls of organza or satin fabric to beautify their branches.

Gen Z trend: How to decorate your Christmas tree 2023

Influencers are hoping on the trend

Gen Z Influencers such as Samantha Miller, are opting for bows over “big and bulky ornaments”, enhancing their trees with trendy embellishments. Miller, showcasing her bulk ribbon purchase from Amazon, embraces a black and ivory color palette, asserting that it adds a touch of Chanel sophistication.

@samanthakatew Christmas tree bows > πŸŽ„πŸŽ€ #christmastreebowtutorial #christmastreebows #christmastreeaesthetic #amazonchristmastree #amazonchristmasdecor ♬ Christmas Is Coming – DM Production

Creativity knows no bounds as some creators stick to neutral tones, carefully balancing each knot atop a branch, while others go for monochromatic Barbie pink or holly red. Viewers applaud the “quiet luxury” decor, deeming it “cat-proof” and praising its simplicity and cuteness.

This Gen Z trend stands in contrast to the maximalist Christmas advocated by some, calling for a return to early aughts decor for the nostalgia factor. However, regardless of the embellishments, a shift towards real trees is evident among the younger generation.

@lilikaramalikis This took me longer than id like to admit but Christmas is here and its going to take me at least another week to finish decorating this tree because its me and I am painfully indecisive 🫠 #christmastree #bowchristmastree #christmasdecor #fyp ♬ The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) – Nat King Cole Trio
@lauralestyle bow christmas tree is simply the vibe this year πŸŽ€πŸŽ„πŸ€ #christmastree #bowchristmastree #balsamhilltree #balsamhill #christmas #christmasdecor #christmastiktok ♬ original sound – Officially log out 11/17/22

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