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New Instagram feature: Convert your highlights to reels

Too tired to make a reel from scratch? Check out this cool new feature that helps you convert highlights to reels in no time!

highlights to reels

From making reels from scratch to being able to use templates, Instagram now allows users to convert their highlights to reels. Instagram often develops new features to make the platform more interesting and fun to use. Creators on the platform get access to various tools to create content that is exciting and engaging. While this seems like a shortcut to create content when you are lazy, it is definitely a quick way to get content on your page.

What does the Highlights to Reels feature do?

The highlights to reels feature will automatically sync all your story highlights to a suggested audio. Users will also be allowed to select the audio of their choice if needed. The reel can be edited according to the creator’s preferences, and one can always bring in different and unique elements to it.

It is possible to add new clips to the generated reel. Moreover, content creators can also reorder the clips and add transitions to them. Even though creating the reel does not take much effort, one can always tweak it to make it better and unique.

This feature is a great way to keep your page active when you’re in a creative slump and cannot come up with ideas to create new content. Creators can also get inspired in the process of making these reels as they are easy but also fun to do!

How to Convert Highlights to Reels

Converting highlights to reels is a straightforward process.

  • All you have to do is select the highlight you wish to convert.
  • A menu will be opened.
  • Select the option ‘Convert to Reel’.

This will then take you to the reel section of the app with all highlight clips ordered and synced to music!

Creators can select the music they wish to add or edit the order and transitions of the clips. Creating a reel out of a highlight is a simple and fun process.

This feature helps creators repurpose the content they already have and keep their audience engaged. If there is a particular set of stories your viewers enjoyed, you can turn it into a highlight and convert it into a reel. The automatically generated reel can be edited just like any other reel you would typically make! You can do everything from deleting existing clips to changing the audio track.

Instagram is seen to be pushing users to engage with reels, and the highlights to reels feature can be seen as an effort in that direction. With a massive platform like TikTok already in place, it is highly challenging for Instagram Reels to rise in popularity!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try out this cool new feature when you are planning content for your page.

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