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Influencer mispronounces luxury brand name, sparks drama

A Sydney based Influencer has sparked backlash after pronouncing a luxury bran name incorrectly

Influencer mispronounces luxury brand name, sparks drama

Influencer’s fashion faux pas

In a surprising turn of events, Sydney-based influencer Sarah Stevenson, popularly known as Sarah’s Day, found herself in the midst of a social media storm after mispronouncing the name of a renowned designer brand. Stevenson, eager to showcase her style on Instagram Stories, confidently pronounced Spanish luxury fashion house Loewe as ‘Low-ee.’

No filter

Fashion-savvy followers quickly flooded Stevenson’s inbox with corrections, highlighting that the correct pronunciation is ‘Lo-weh-vay.’ Unfazed by the correction, Stevenson returned to Instagram Stories with an unfiltered rant, urging her followers to “literally shut up.” Expressing her discontent, she condemned the correction, emphasizing the importance of a “loving and kind” approach when pointing out errors.

Unapologetic behavior

Stevenson, a mother of three, defended her mispronunciation, placing the blame on her followers for not correcting her earlier. Unapologetically, she asserted that she doesn’t consult Google for pronunciation and prefers to rely on her instincts. Brands like Moët, Louis Vuitton, and Jacquemus also fell victim to her unique pronunciation style.

Taking a stance

To assert her stance, Stevenson engaged her followers with a questionnaire, seeking their pronunciation of various brand names. Revelations included her longstanding mispronunciation of Moët as ‘Mo-ay’ and the surprising realization that the fashion brand Decjuba is pronounced ‘De-Cuba,’ contrary to her earlier belief of ‘Dec-joo-bah.’

Influencer mispronounces luxury brand name, sparks drama

Stevenson’s vocal defense raises questions about the dynamics of influencer-follower interactions and the expectations placed on social media personalities.

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