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Watch: Influencer reveals useful closet hacks, fans amazed

Fashion Influencer, Hannah Chody has saved us with her amazing closet hacks!

Watch: Influencer reveals useful closet hacks, fans amazed

Hannah Chody, a Texas-based content creator with over 111,000 TikTok followers, has uncovered a game-changing method for hanging and folding sweaters. The revelation comes as a solution to the common dilemma of distorted sweaters on hangers and the chaos of folded stacks.

No more traditional methods

Chody begins by highlighting the pitfalls of both conventional hanging and folding methods. Regular hangers lead to disfigurement, creating an undesirable droop. On the other hand, folding sweaters can result in a leaning tower effect, making it challenging to locate the desired one amid a stack.

Influencers ‘Best Ever’ sweater hack

Chody introduces her revolutionary sweater-hanging technique as the ‘best ever.’ Seated in her closet, she demonstrates the step-by-step process using a plain, long-sleeved white crewneck sweater. The key is to fold the sweater in half so that the sleeves touch, creating a compact base.

Laying the folded sweater on the ground, Chody strategically places a hanger at the point where the sleeve and body of the sweater meet. This unique approach ensures a snug fit without the risk of stretching or distortion. The content creator then folds the bottom and arms of the sweater over the hanger, revealing a finished product that resembles a stylish scarf or shawl.

@hannahchody Replying to @Maddie you will never hang or fold your sweaters the same again #organizationhacks #lifehack #closetorganization #closettour #fashion ♬ original sound – Hannah Chody

Fans react

The influencers TikTok audience expresses genuine amazement in the comments, with some dubbing the hack “genius” and life-changing. Users appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of this innovative sweater-hanging technique.

Watch: Influencer reveals useful closet hacks, fans amazed

Closet trend

Chody joins the ranks of influencers sharing closet organization hacks. In a previous revelation, professional organizer Annika suggested using baby-sized hangers for pants, emphasizing the visual appeal and space-saving benefits.

TikTok lifestyle hacks

As TikTok continues to influence lifestyle trends, Hannah Chody’s sweater-hanging hack emerges as a practical solution to a common wardrobe challenge. With user testimonials affirming its effectiveness, this TikTok revelation promises a tidier and more visually appealing closet experience for fashion enthusiasts.

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