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Influencer Olivia Dunne blames TikTok for shadow-banning 2023

Are Influencers like Olivia Dunne being shadow banned on TikTok?

Influencer Olivia Dunne blames TikTok for shadow-banning 2023

Rise of Olivia Dunne

Olivia ‘Livvy’ Dunne, a prominent D1 athlete and LSU gymnast, has soared to social media stardom, boasting over 7 million followers on TikTok and 4 million on Instagram. Renowned as the most-followed NCAA athlete on social platforms, Dunne’s influence extends far beyond the gymnastics mat.

Troubles on TikTok

However, recent TikTok troubles have left Dunne and her legion of fans puzzled. In a surprising turn of events, the gymnast noticed a significant drop in views on her TikTok videos. Previously accustomed to millions of views per post, her recent uploads struggled to surpass the 500K mark, prompting a question that echoed across her social media: “Why am I shadow banned?”

Influencer Olivia Dunne says TikTok is shadow-banning her

Is she being shadow-banned?

Olivia Dunne’s engagement from her massive 7.8 million TikTok followers plummeted, marking a departure from her usual viewership. Fans speculated about a possible shadow ban, with one user noting that her “posts never show in my fyp anymore.” Shadow banning, a practice that restricts the audience for a user’s content without outright banning the account, was at the center of the speculation.

Expressing her concerns directly, Dunne questioned the apparent drop in visibility on TikTok. While shadow banning remains a common occurrence on social media platforms, it is challenging to ascertain if Dunne indeed faced this restriction.

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