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Influencer warns against use of Sephora testers

A TikTok influencer highlights the health hazards caused by makeup testers and you might want to reconsider “try before you buy”

Influencer warns against use of dirty makeup testers

‘Don’t’ try before you buy?

It’s all about makeup testers! They are a common attraction, offering chance to try before you buy. However, a stark warning from beauty influencer J.C Drombrowski sheds light on a perilous aspect often overlooked – the sever health ramifications associated with this seemingly harmless behavior.

Influencer warning issued

Drombrowski, with his 2.9 million followers, recently addressed the issue in a TikTok video, expressing concern about the potential health risks posed by careless use of makeup testers. He recounted witnessing the chaos caused by eager individuals, especially kids, vying for popular skincare brand Drunk Elephant. Beyond this mayhem, the influencer emphasized the serious health consequences that could arise.

Wake up call for all

The influencer pointed out the risk of contracting herpes from shared unsanitary products and highlighted the lifelong consequences once infected. In addition to herpes, he raised concerns about staph infections and various other diseases resulting from the mishandling of makeup testers. Drombrowski urged parents to be more aware of these risks, asserting that the gravity of the issue is often underestimated.

@jc.dombrowski Not to get on a soapbox about this but also??? 😭💀 this is a great way to spread diseases y’all. #skincare #sephora #health #parenting ♬ original sound – J.C. Dombrowski

TikTok reactions

Comments on the TikTok video echoed the influencer’s sentiments, with many users sharing their own experiences and endorsing his health-conscious perspective. Some emphasized the importance of not using testers on the face, while others advocated for stricter safety measures, indicating that companies might need to reinforce safety seals to mitigate the risks.

Influencer warns against use of Sephora testers!

The concerns raised by Drombrowski are not new to the beauty industry. In 2017, a woman sued Sephora, alleging she contracted herpes from an in-store lipstick tester. Studies have consistently highlighted the prevalence of harmful bacteria on makeup samples. Despite previous warnings, the issue persists, prompting a call for increased awareness and stricter safety measures in the beauty and retail.

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