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Influencer reveals how she won the lottery 50 times

Influencer Paulinha Leite revelas her secret to winning the lottery 50 times

Influencer reveals how she won the lottery 50 times

Influencer’s JACKPOT!

In the realm of lottery games, the prospect of winning a life-altering sum beckons many. One influencer, Paulinha Leite, renowned for her appearance on Big Brother Brazil, has etched an extraordinary story of triumph, claiming an astounding 50 lottery wins, each hovering around $100,000.

Facing the moon

Leite’s winning saga began in her childhood, where luck seemed to favor her in various draws. Her family humorously attributes this streak to her being “born facing the Moon.” Although the reality show crown eluded her, the lottery emerged as her personal triumph arena.

Influencer reveals how she won the lottery 50 times

Lucky number 4

The Influencers secret weapon in this lottery alchemy is a single digit – 4. Firmly subscribing to the belief of “playing to win,” she attributes her success to this number. her recent share of Australia’s A$1,000,000 jackpot further validates her winning strategy.

Magic number

With an eagle eye for what she terms “magic numbers,” Leite lives a luxurious life, crediting her constant attention to everyday digits such as birthdays, telephone numbers, and addresses. Her emphasis on maintaining positivity before the lottery results sets her approach apart.

Hot and cold

While some players focus on ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers – those drawn most and least historically – the Influencer dismisses this approach. Her story is descriptive of the personal connection individuals establish with specific digits, with her chosen number, 4, becoming a talisman for her triumph.

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