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Instagram tests Public “Collection’s” feature for profile enhancement 2024

Check out the new feature development Instagram has been testing out

Instagram tests Public "Collection's" feature for profile enhancement

Personal interests on your profile

Instagram is on the verge of enhancing its Collections feature, aiming to enable users to share their curated Collections of posts on their public profiles. This development, showcased by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, hints at a potential expansion of Instagram’s user experience. By making Collections publicly available on a user’s profile, visitors gain a window into their interests, ranging from favorite celebrities and books to movies. This additional layer of personalization could become a deciding factor for potential followers.

New feature: Public Collections

The anticipated public Collections feature is an extension of the app’s Collaborative Collections, launched in March. Initially designed for private discussions based on specific posts, the collaborative approach allowed users to contribute to the Collection and foster more engaging conversations. The new experiment appears to shift the focus from group discussions to individual profiles, offering a unique showcase of one’s interests.

Instagram feature development

Instagram has been actively working on this feature since September, with Paluzzi sharing glimpses of the posting process. While it remains in development, the prospect of integrating public Collections adds an intriguing layer to the social dynamics. For brands, this could represent an additional opportunity to showcase products and engage with their audience.

Instagram tests Public "Collection's" feature for profile enhancement

Innovation and experience

The experiment raises questions about potential clutter on profiles, a concern Instagram has been mindful of in its ongoing updates. Striking the right balance between innovation and maintaining a streamlined user experience will be crucial. As Instagram refines and finalizes the public Collections feature, users and brands alike can anticipate new ways to connect with like-minded individuals and showcase their passions.

The fate of this experiment will be revealed when Insatgram decides to release the new profile Collections feature. Until then, users can look forward to the possibility of sharing their curated interests more prominently on their Instagram profiles.

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