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Internet explodes over Emily Ratajkowski’s “hypocrisy” 2023

Why is the internet outraged over this photoshoot done by Emily Ratajkowski? Keep reading to find out more…

Internet explodes over Emily Ratajkowski's "hypocrisy" 2023

Fans outraged over shoot

Actor and model, Emily Ratajkowski, known for her roles in movies like ” I Fell Pretty and In Darkness, has stirred controversy with her latest front page cover shoot for French magazine M magazine, a supplement of Le Monde. Fans have expressed their displeasure on Instagram, labeling the collaboration as “fatphobic”, a stark contrast to Ratajkowski image as a champion of feminism and body positivity.

Emily Ratajkowski’s take on body positivity

In her 2021 book, “My Body,” Emily Ratajkowski delves into a candid exploration of womanhood and commodification, earning her a spot on the New York Times bestseller list. With a massive online following of 30.2 million on Instagram and 2.6 million on TikTok, she has been a prominent voice in discussons around body positivity. However, her recent photo shoot featuring her in oversized jeans has led some followers to brand her a hypocrite, as it seems to contradict the messages she advocates in her book.

Controversy spiral

The controversial images, shared on November 25, depict Ratajkowski in jeans several sizes larger than her usual, prompting criticism from social media users. The model, standing with one foot in each shoe but only filling one leg of the oversized jeans, received over 2,300 comments on the post at the time of writing.

Internet explodes over Emily Ratajkowski's "hypocrisy" 2023

While some users slammed the ad campaign with the least amount of filter, others, including plus-size model Tess Holliday, injected humor into the conversation. Holliday jokingly requested the jeans in the second photo, earning praise from social media users.

Internet explodes over Emily Ratajkowski's "hypocrisy" 2023

In a second Instagram post from the same shoot featuring clothing that fits her size, Ratajkowski received positive feedback. However, comments referenced the perceived inconsistency with her advocacy for healthy body images.

This controversy highlights the delicate balance celebrities navigate between artistic expression, public perception, and the messages they champion.

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