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Gen Z slammed as the “Wasted Generation” 2024

Why are Gen Zers being called the “Wasted Generation?”

Gen Z slammed as the "Wasted Generation" 2024

In the academic theater, Economics Professor Kendrick Morales alleges Spelman College ousted him for resisting students’ pleas for top-notch grades. He’s not the sole cast member facing repercussions for upholding academic standards.

All about Gen Z

The real stars are Gen Z students, preferring fake gold stars to tackling challenges. This penchant for the easy road paints a dreary future as this generation seems content with settling for the mediocre instead of reaching for the stars.

Wasted tragedy?

Post-COVID-19, Gen Z reveals itself as the Wasted Generation, tossing life’s opportunities aside like yesterday’s news.

Gen Z slammed as the "Wasted Generation" 2024

What’s disheartening is their reluctance to deal with setbacks and ambitious goals, trading in the spirit of hard work from previous generations.

Workforce enemies

The American economy yearns for a vibrant, energetic workforce. But alas, the Gen Z cast brings a lack of gusto and a preference for minimal effort to their roles, threatening to overshadow the nation’s economic promise.


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Higher education risks becoming forgettable, with the script of values, where struggle and failure shape character, tossed aside. This generation seems to be missing out on the essence of a rewarding life – the thrill of overcoming challenges.

Too much comfort

Recent incidents showcase their appetite for comfort over character development, protests over seizing opportunities – a storyline that doesn’t bode well for the future.

Amidst this drama, grade inflation creates a spectacle of illusionary achievements. Behind the scenes, employers are wary of graduates’ actual preparedness, with many rethinking the once-mandatory four-year degree requirement.

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