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Jake Paul accuses Nate Diaz for “THIS” 2023

Jake Paul seems to be letting go of the possibility of ever entering the ring with Nate Diaz

Jake Paul blames Nate Diaz for the failure of MMA

Jake Paul versus Nate Diaz

In August 2023, In Dallas Texas, after a long-awaited boxing match, Jake Paul entered the ring with Nate Diaz. After 10 intense boxing rounds, with a unanimous decision, Jake Paul won the fight. With hopes that both combatants would be seen again together in an MMA bout, Jake Paul reveals that possibility doesn’t seem like a possibility anymore while holding Diaz at fault for it.

The YouTuber expressed his confusion regarding the fight at the MMA Hour when asked about the possible reunion, He revealed, ” I think there was a point where there was genuine interest from his team in making it happen, and then there was just radio silence after that. Then he’s calling it the P**** FL and all this stuff. It’s like, OK, bro, you either want to make this happen or not.”

Jake Paul’s updated boxing career

Paul has currently partnered with PFL for his MMA career and recently teased a possible MMA debut with his PFL gear. With his switch from being a full time influencer to a boxer, Paul currently aims to continue climbing the ranker higher to better himself.

The boxer also seems to be very specific on the type of opponent he’s looking to play against. Paul reveals ” It has to be a big name but at the same time it has to be a fight where I think it’s 50/50.” Hence why Paul has kept those photos in PFL gear ready incase he finds someone to meet the criteria and they want a match last minute. Paul expresses ” “Just to make sure that my headshots, and we have some videos ready in case an opponent comes out of nowhere and we want to make an MMA fight happen quickly.”

Jake Paul still awaits for Nate Diaz

Jake Paul blames Nate Diaz for the failure of MMA

Paul expresses how he wholeheartedly believes Nate Diaz as of now is his best potential partner. With his confident side knowing he can beat Nate along with his humble side knowing he’ll need to work hard to do so. Paul reveals this combination makes Nate his perfect potential partner and still wants to get in the cage with him.

As of now, PFL has offered Nate Diaz $15 million to fight Jake Paul. Originally PFL offered $10 million to which Diaz responded by saying “No thanks.” PFL increased the price and is currently placing 15 million dollars on the line, leaving all the fans wondering whether Nate Diaz will refuse again or finally accept the deal.

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