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Meta Launches New Teen Safety Measures to Limit Unwanted DM Contact 2024

More protections by Meta for teens, and more assurance for parents


Meta is to strengthen its teen user protections with new default DM limits, which will limit who can contact teens in its apps, as well as new parental monitoring options through its Family Center.

Meta DM limitations

First, consider DM limitations. Building on its default DM rules for minors, which prevent adults they do not follow from contacting them in the app, Instagram will now, by default, disable the ability for all teen users to receive messages from anyone they do not follow or are not connected to in the app.


As shown in these example screens, kids will soon be automatically restricted in who may give them DMs, with only the profiles they follow being able to send them messages. The change will also apply to Messenger, with only Facebook users with whom they are connected or who have their phone number able to send them a message.

Of course, these are the default settings, and users can change them if they choose. However, teens who have their profiles linked to their parents’ through Meta’s Family Center will now need specific permission to change these settings.


That’s a positive change that will give parents more confidence in who their children are dealing with in each app. I mean, it will be inconvenient for teenagers (many of whom will simply use Snapchat instead), but it will provide additional security for children, allowing them to avoid unwanted attention and interaction.

Additional Image Limits

Meta Says:

“We’re planning to launch a new feature designed to help protect teens from seeing unwanted and potentially inappropriate images in their messages from people they’re already connected to, and to discourage them from sending these types of images themselves. We’ll have more to share on this feature, which will also work in encrypted chats, later this year.”

The additional controls will make parents feel more secure about their teenagers’ use of the app and may assist teen users avoid harm, which many are unaware of until it is too late. Meta has been working with several third-party advisory groups to strengthen its safety tools in this regard, and it’s encouraging to see the company staying focused on this aspect.

The new DM limitations go into effect today, and Instagram will soon offer a new picture filtering feature.

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