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Meta reveals ‘sassy’ AI chatbots for young users

Meta will soon announce “Gen AI Personas” to attract younger users


Meta is preparing to announce generative AI chatbots, called “Gen AI Personas” on Facebook and Instagram, with multiple ‘personas’ who have more colorful behavior, to attract younger users to the application.

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Chatbots come to Meta

Social media companies have seen the potential of chatbots as an engaging social feature ever since the rise of ChatGPT. Snapchat launched its own “My AI” chatbot (powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT) in February. Now, Meta reportedly wants to release a tool that lets celebrities and creators develop their own AI doppelgangers to interact with fans and followers.

In June 2023, a screenshot was shared by leaker Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter showing what seems to be the intro screen for using chatbots on Instagram. It says the chatbots will be able to answer questions, give advice, and help users write messages. It also says that users will be able to choose between “30 AI personalities and find which one [they] like best.”

Meta’s choice to go with a more sassy and Gen-Z style of chatbot shows that they understand younger users want chatbots that are fun to talk to but are not offensive. These tools will help attract a younger audience and create more interactions for creators.

Meta means to create several of these bots and has even done some work on a chatbot creation tool to enable celebrities to make their own chatbots for their fans. There may also be some more geared towards productivity, able to help with “coding and other tasks,” according to an article by The Wall Street Journal.

The company will continue to work on the feature and release it soon in a majority of areas, according to the Journal.

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