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New WooCommerce plugin set to add more shopping options on TikTok

Here’s another reason for businesses to set up TikTok Shopping!

While TikTok is already a popular platform that brands are using to grow their business, we can say that the latest WooCommerce plugin will definitely increase its popularity.

The video-sharing app’s new integration with the eCommerce platform, will allow its merchants to sync their store catalog with their TikTok profile, thus offering them more advanced product display options and new TikTok solutions for online shopping.

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In an effort to justify its selection of this specific platform and the features that will be available, TikTok explains:

“WooCommerce is a flexible, open-source commerce solution built on WordPress. Home to almost one-third of all online shopping websites, it empowers anyone to sell anything, anywhere. With the TikTok for WooCommerce integration, you can sync your store catalog, install the most advanced TikTok pixel for campaign performance tracking in 1 click, and create an ad to target your audience in minutes.”

The mentioned features above are also clearly illustrated in the following video overview to give interested users a better idea of how the features will look and how they can be used.

TikTok has officially taken a key step by integrating with Woocommerce, another platform that will add to its eCommerce portfolio, which also includes a partnership with Shopify that started in late 2020.

Since we are now more aware of the huge opportunity that eCommerce offers on TikTok, we can say that this move will offer more advanced product display ads and options, which could be a significant boost for marketing efforts on the app.

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It is important to note that a huge part of TikTok’s revenue in China comes from eCommerce integrations and various US-based users are following suit by generating considerable incomes from shopping live-streams. Thus, this integration with Woocommerce is one of TikTok’s great incentives that should succeed in keeping people posting and brands selling on the platform.

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For those interested in getting the TikTok plugin for WooCommerce, you can access it here.