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Reddit Creative Best Practices & How marketers can build connections with 52M users

The best way to create an authentic community on the platform.


Reddit is a one-of-a-kind online platform that brings together elements of social media, message boards, media forums & news – in order to build a culture & community focused around conversing with others. 

With over 52 million daily users and highly-active involved communities (in a variety of niches), the platform could well be an excellent place for marketers and creators to come together.

What is the value of Reddit?

The vast majority of Reddit’s content is accessible to visitors who are not members of the site.

Therefore, a safe space is created through this level of anonymity and thus a sense of community is felt amongst users.

The upvote and downvote arrows ascertain the ‘popularity’ of posts (including links to external sites and those that only contain text) and comments.

Many marketers tend to overlook the platform as a useful resource. Its benefits are:

  • Traffic increasing & control
  • Gaining audience attention
  • New product testing
  • Product sales
  • Opinions & qualitative data

Detailed below are some of the best ways to connect with users on the platform and appear more authentic as a brand (which is exactly what the platform advocates).

Credit: Socialmediatoday

Credit: Socialmediatoday

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