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Rosalía’s wild TikTok prediction for 2024 has fans worried

Why are fans afraid of TikTok’s 2024 prediction for singer Rosalía?

Rosalía's wild TikTok prediction for 2024 has fans worried

Sneak peak into the future

As we all eagerly await 2024 people are turning to unconventional methods for a glimpse into what the new year holds. TikTok has become an unexpected oracle, offering a viral filter that reveals four emojis, each representing an aspect of the upcoming year. Recently, Spanish singer Rosalía took the plunge, and the results sparked a mix of emotions.

Rosalía’s predictions unveiled


♬ Orquestra Maldita – TRASHXRL & Mc Delux

The singers immedate reaction to the coffin emoji was palpable adding a touch of humor to this unsettling revelation. Fan’s however, expressed genuinen concern, leaving panicked comments like  “DON’T DIE Rosalía NOOO” and “I refuse for the last thing to happen.” The interpretation of the emojis varied, with some suggesting a darker outcome and others speculating on the death of a relationship.

Finding love in 2024

Despite the ominous predictions, Rosalía and Allen White are seemingly unfazed as they enter 2024 as a couple. Their public outings and viral photos have captivated fans, showcasing a strong bond since confirming their relationship in late November. As the TikTok predictions unfold, the couple appears ready to face whatever twists and turns the coming year may bring.

Rosalía's wild TikTok prediction for 2024 has fans worried

TikTok is a mystery

While TikTok filters provide entertaining glimpses into the future, their accuracy remains questionable. Whether a playful diversion or an eerie premonition, the platform continues to weave intriguing narratives for those daring to peek into the unknown.

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