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Snapchat Launches New Camera Extension for Chrome in 2024

Read on to find out more about Snapchat’s new chrome extension

Snapchat’s camera extension

According to the social media platform, users can now elevate their webcam experiences with the Snap AR lens. The platform adds: “Whether you’re in professional meetings, catching up with friends, or live streaming, our extension brings the creativity of Snap AR Lenses directly to your webcam.”

Now a short history lesson

Back in the era of online meetings and lockdown office jobs, Snap’s Camera App was a video call add-on. This is where Snap filters and options could be added on to the video playback screen on your zoom or teams meetings. How cool right?


Unfortunately, during a cost-cutting procedure undergone by Snap last years January, the app let go of the Snap Camera app option, also draining the fun out of the endless online meetings. Sad right? ;(

But not for long!! Snap is now working on an initiative to revive that old feature. You can now download the extension for your chromes again to bring back that online meeting fun and remind you of COVID times.

In addition, as an implementation of generative AI tools, users can also create lenses through Snapchat and add them to their chrome extensions, appearing as whatever they want n their meetings. Sounds fun! To create your own Snap Lens, visit the Snap Lens Studio.

To read more about Snap’s features and updates, click here.

Features of the extension

The features of the extension, according to their website:

🎭 Explore an Array of AR Lenses: Access a vast collection of Snap AR Lenses, including the latest trends and festive themes, to make every interaction unique.

✨ Use Your Own Lens Creations: Add a personal touch by integrating Lenses you’ve designed and published.

🔗 Seamless Integration: Enhance your video interactions on numerous platforms across the web with ease.

How to download?

This is how to install the extension on your devices for chrome, according to Snapchat’s website:

  1. Install the Snapchat Camera extension from the Chrome Web Store
  2. Sign in with your Snapchat account
  3. In the camera settings of your chosen web app, select “Snapchat Camera” as your camera
  4. Click the Snapchat Camera icon in the Chrome extension menu to open the extension pane
  5. Select a Lens and start using Snapchat Lenses in Google Chrome!

Click here for instructions on how to download the chrome extension.

Click here for a public preview of the Snapchat camera for chrome.

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