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Snapchat introduces parental management features 2024

Snapchat is actively working towards creative a socially safe environment for teens with their latest parental management feature

Snapchat introduces parental management features 2024

Parental supervision

Snapchat is set to introduce updates to its parental control and supervision features, aiming to provide parents with a more accessible and comprehensive overview of their teens’ settings. Under the Family Center tool, parents can now access a simplified summary of safety and privacy settings, allowing for quick adjustments to their child’s exposure levels within the app. This improvement is crucial, considering Snapchat’s sometimes challenging user interface, especially for parents unfamiliar with the platform.

Snapchat Family Centre

To further enhance accessibility, Snapchat is redesigning its Family Center, making it more prominent in the Settings menu and user profiles. This redesign also facilitates easier searchability directly from the main content screen, simplifying the process for parents to manage and monitor their teen’s activities on Snapchat.

Snapchat introduces parental management features 2024

AI chatbot concerns

In response to concerns raised during early tests of the “My AI” generative AI chatbot tool, the app is introducing the option for parents to opt their teens out of this feature. The AI chatbot had initially provided potentially inappropriate advice, such as guidance on masking the smell of alcohol and marijuana, prompting Snap to refine the tool. Offering an opt-out feature gives parents an additional layer of control and reassurance.

Snapchat introduces parental management features 2024

Addressing safety issues

The social media company has been actively introducing various parental oversight and control options over the past two years to address safety concerns. The platform’s ever-changing nature has made it popular among teens but has also raised issues related to cyberbullying, teen revenge tactics, and potential misuse for abuse related activities.

These new enhancements aim to mitigate these risks and provide parents with increased confidence in allowing their teens to use Snapchat, potentially contributing to the app’s continued growth in its user base.

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