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Super Follows Only Spaces launches on Twitter to increase creator monetization options

Take interaction with your Twitter followers to a whole new level with Super Follows only Spaces.

Building a community on Twitter just got easier! The tweet-based platform has released “Super Follows only Spaces“, a new subscriber-only feature that is finally available to the selected creators who offer subscriptions, allowing them to give their followers an exclusive experience that’ll make them feel extra special.

When asked about this new addition, Twitter’s team stated:

“Now with Super Follows-only Spaces, creators can offer an extra layer of conversation to their biggest supporters beyond Tweets by engaging them through live audio. 

In addition, the social media giant also shared a few pictures (including the following one), showing what the Super Follows only Spaces will look like on the app. It is apparent that they will first and foremost display a new color palette, that is different from the blue tones we’ve been used to seeing over the past couple of years. Also, a note at the top is also included to indicate that the content being watched is a ‘Super Follows only space’ broadcast.

super follows only space
Photo credit: Twitter

It is worth mentioning that Twitter users will be able to see these broadcasts once they are shared; however, it is only after signing in as a Super follower that they’ll be able to have access to them.

These Super Follows only Spaces can be seen as a good method that allows you to build a subscriber base and this is due to the fact that this new feature gives you the chance to entice users to sign up by giving them a preview of what other exclusive members are seeing. We also can’t ignore the monetary aspect of this addition, seeing that Twitter is fiercely competing with other platforms to enhance its creator monetization features.

Photo credit: 9to5Mac

What is known so far is that users who do have Super Follows can decide on a monthly subscription cost of between $2.99 and $9.99 a month, but the real question is: why would users pay for some tweets when they’re used to access everyone’s content for free on the app? Only time will tell if the newest feature will be a hit or miss.

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