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The Snapchat Generation 2022 report provides key information about user engagement

A new Snapchat report which focuses on new trends in the community.

Snapchat Generation Report 2022

The annual Snapchat Generation report is out and shares some interesting insights to help businesses engage better with their audience. The reports were created in order to drive new behaviors and values that are changing the world today and how brands can align their messaging around these key trends.

We have noted down a few points from the report that we think would be beneficial to know for businesses and brands looking to expand on the social media platform. With over 19,000 people surveyed across 16 markets, Snapchat also held discussions to get a deeper understanding of the information. The simple breakdown below will help to add to your Snapchat strategy for your business.

Snapchat is the #1 platform where people enjoy sharing real-life moments. According to the report and Snapchat’s latest Twitter update, Snapchat is the #1 platform where Gen Z enjoys sharing purchases they love or when shopping. This is shown in chapter 3 of the report, but important enough to be shared recently on Twitter to show businesses and brands the impact Snapchat has on potential sales of a service or product.

Snapchat is also the number one platform where people enjoy sharing what life is actually like or random/funny moments. We are always told to live in the moment and Snapchat is the perfect place to show these real-life moments. Businesses can benefit from this as it makes the content feel less advertorial and more casual.

Next, 93% of Snapchatters enjoy sharing and celebrating moments in their life on Snapchat. A study from a Snapchatter who lives in the UK and is 31 years old says “I prefer to post more personal things on my Snapchat – I post more about my kids, more about my husband and my life. It feels more personal… you’re seeing real insights about how someone’s day is going.” Brands can use this as a positive way of really understanding who they are working with and let the individual be creative with what they post.

97% of Snapchatters have used visual communication when messaging friends, according to the 2022 study. 19-year-old Snapchatter from Germany says “Pictures and videos are a more inclusive way of communicating. I can take my friends with me and show them what I’m up to instead of just telling them.” The crucial information to take from this is brands need to realise that visual communication is messaging is so much better through visualisation. The study then goes on to say that Augmented Reality allows for even more personalization, with new and exciting opportunities for brands to relate to their consumers. Brands who broden their inclusivity and lead with an empathic vision will ultimately thrive.

If you want to know more about Snapchat Generation 2022, then you can download the full report here.

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