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TikTok Boosting Creators to Upload Videos in *THIS* way 2024

TikTok pushes beyond vertical video with intentions to adapt YouTube’s hallmark format.


Landscape Format

According to videos uploaded by some users, the platform that promoted full-screen landscape format is now encouraging certain artists to create horizontally filmed content instead.


TikTok, as shown in this example posted by Jules Terpak (and shared by Matt Navarra), provides some creators with “increased views” on video shot in landscape format.

As per TikTok:

“Landscape videos, where the width is greater than the height and are over 1 minute in length, are the only ones eligible to receive increased views.”

Any films that fulfill the above conditions will be promoted in the app for 72 hours, which may be a big posting incentive for platform creators looking for more visibility on the platform.


Shift in TikTok’s Conventional Focus

As previously said, vertical video is the app’s fundamental feature, and the app’s popularity has spurred nearly every other social app to follow suit and experiment with their own vertical, full-screen video display options. This has resulted in huge growth in video interaction in other applications, so it’s interesting that TikTok is suddenly wanting to move away from it.

However, this is unlikely to be the appp

‘s departure from its core format, but rather a push to expand its content types, which it has also attempted to do through its Creativity Program, which encourages creators to post longer videos in various styles and formats in order to broaden its content pool.

(It’s also worth noting that TikTok included the term “landscape format” in its “Best Content Formats” category on the Creativity Program overview page late last year).

30-minute videos

TikTok is also experimenting with 30-minute videos, and landscape videos may be just another ingredient in its broader growth mix, as it seeks to appeal to more viewers while remaining intriguing.

It just seems weird that it would try to convince consumers to turn their devices. Because you’d probably have to turn your phone around again while scrolling.

Or, if TikTok can get enough landscape clips into the app, it may be able to offer a dedicated stream of landscape-only video, potentially leading to new trends and opportunities.

Perhaps TikTok is also preparing for the advent of headset viewing, when landscape content would be more appropriate.


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