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TikTok is Experimenting With New DM Streaks in 2024

New TikTok streaks activated: Check it all out here

DM streaks feature

Expect a fire emoji next to your friend’s chats on TikTok soon!

Following Snap’s footsteps, TikTok is planning to initiate a new direct messages streak feature where a number and a fire emoji 🔥 appear next to your friend’s chat. That is of course, as long as you send atleast one message within the 24 hour timeframe. App researcher Radu Oncescu confirms that TikTok is now alerting some users that they’ve activated a DM streak in the app.

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According to TikTok: “Unlock a streak by sending messages to each other for three consecutive days. The streak will end if both of you didn’t message each other in the last 24 hours.”


This initiative was implemented by TikTok to increase user engagement and encourage more use of the messaging feature. This is especially smart because most of TikTok users also use Snapchat and are engaged in its streak feature.

@jaydensalaam Guys why does TikTok actually have streaks now what’s going on??😭😭 #xybca #viral #fyp ♬ original sound – jaydensalaam

Snap streaks

Social media platform Snapchat introduced the iconic ‘streak’ in 2015. The streak has been a popular feature since, available in Snapchat apps starting from its 2.0 version upgrade. It has grown to be the most prominent Snapchat feature with friends upholding their snap streaks

According to Where I Can Be Me:

“To some, slacking off on a Snap streak is seen as a major offense. A broken streak can be disappointing. In extreme cases, it can cause drama, and lead to rifts in the friendship. When your favorite app is essentially keeping score of your friendships, it’s easy to get caught up.”

Read more about TikTok’s technical updates here.

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