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TikTok Incorporating Humor Into Their Marketing

TikTok urges marketers to try to be more comedy in order to deliver more impactful messaging in the app


“TikTok Comedy”

TikTok suggests that marketers take more light-hearted, comic approaches to their in-app promotions, which they can do by either collaborating with established producers or exploring the app for tips.

Working with creators is the app’s number one suggestion here, since “they know TT comedy better than anyone”. The app also aims to encourage more businesses to collaborate with artists through its Creator Marketplace in order to ensure that more of its top stars get paid within the app, better aligning them with the platform.

So the app has some extra reason to promote this option, but it could still be a lucrative channel for marketers wishing to focus on TikTok.

  • Know your memes—they’re a jumping-off point for creative ideas, and they may help brands indicate to viewers that they’re in on the fun.
  • Remixing a trend. Trend remixing has led to a 14% increase in view time for advertising, on average.
  • Play with style: Values and rewards creative risk-taking. TikTok humor relies on avant-garde qualities (such as surrealism and casual content). The app is the place to go big and see what works.

Wading into comedy always carries the risk of missing the message and appearing out of touch.


TikTok Wants This:

The app urges marketers to try to be more hilarious in order to deliver more impactful messaging in the app.

The platform’s latest research insights examine the most effective humorous tactics and how companies can use them to enhance their video.

According to TikTok:

  • Videos posted to the hashtags #funny and #comedy have six trillion views in the app
  • 30% of TikTok users said humor in creator content was a top motivation for purchase intent
  • “Funny” is the top video category that viewers want to see from creators
  • 7 in 10 viewers say “making people laugh” is considered the most enjoyable aspect of watching ads

This is a major reason why collaborating with existing stars may be beneficial, as you are then leveraging their established expertise to drive performance, but you do not have to collaborate with creators if you believe you can come up with similar, humorous ideas that will resonate.

How to Shift Your Content

The most important thing is to conduct research. If you’re going to focus on comedy in the app, you should know what works.

And, as the statistics show, comedy is a crucial driver of the engagement, so if you do it right, the rewards might be significant.

It’s another factor to consider while developing your TikTok marketing strategy for the coming year.

You may see TikTok’s humor tips here.

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