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TikTok is implementing new features in honor of API Heritage Month

Find out how TikTok is supporting its #APIFamily

To celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, which will take place from Sunday 1 May till Tuesday 31 May, TikTok has announced a series of new features to show appreciation for “the rich history and achievements of Asian and Pacific Islander (API) people, their unique life experiences, traditions, and incredible impact on culture.”

These new changes can be said to be centered around the Trailblazers initiative, for which TikTok has selected 12 API creators to be the main focus of this year’s promotion by sharing their stories through creator spotlights and LIVE programming.

Photo credit: TikTok/Angella Choe

From foodies and dermatologists, to filmmakers and attorneys, the Trailblazers list is highlighting the following TikTok creators: @ashyizzle, @davidwma, @dermdoctor, @drewafualo,, @erikakullberg, @foodwithsoy, @jikariasisters, @justthenobodys, @k8sabz, @kukombo and @vivxue.

TikTok is bringing back its API Trailblazers program for the second year in a row to celebrate the culture of millions of its users and has a few things planned for this month. To start, the app has scheduled a lineup of themed LIVEs and in-app programming that will feature entertainers who are a part of the #APIFamily.

To add to that, #APIFamily SMBs or what is also known as Asian-owned small businesses are also getting their share of attention on TikTok with a our first-ever API Night Market that will bring a Live Shopping event to life and will be hosted by @ashyizzle on May 24 from 8 pm – 10 pm EST on the TikTok For Business channel.

Even the Internal API Community at TikTok is being celebrated and appreciated and TikTok fills us in on all the details:

Our ARISE family will be celebrating API Heritage Month with a special internal speaker event series set to elevate the voices of API employees and shed light on the spectrum of the API experience, featuring guest speakers across the creative industry.

@lifeattiktok The fight continues 💜 #WeAreAPI #LifeAtTikTok #KnowUs ♬ original sound – Life At TikTok

Last but not least, the platform is also adding new stickers that users can integrate into their content to participate in the event while also spotlighting API music through a special lineup of in-app programming that will encompass a variety of API music playlists and API music talent.

Come to think of it, all of these inclusive features will do TikTok a favor by allowing the app to establish a stronger connection with different communities and address users from a variety of cultures.

Will you be taking part in the #APIFamily celebrations on TikTok? Let us know by tweeting us @itpliveme