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TikTok experimenting new desktop-based tools 2023

TikTok’s analytics and business intelligence capabilities have received some useful new improvements.


TikTok on a Laptop

TikTok is working on new desktop-based creative tools to help creators maximize their performance, including a redesigned creative Center UI that delivers more analytics insights and updated discovery tools that use conversational AI.

First and foremost, congratulations on the new Creator Center. Some customers with a Business account are now seeing a new format for the analytics UI in the desktop version of the app, which better lays out the various data points in full-screen.


With dedicated, full-screen displays of all the information you need to know, the new format makes it easier to research your content performance and audience engagement.

This could make it easier to manage your online presence from your desktop PC, which could be a great assist for social media managers that work across many platforms.

TikTok has also improved its Creative Center, where creators can access all of the company’s numerous insights tools, such as Top Ads, trends, keyword data, and more.

TikTok’s new chatbot guide


With examples of what you can ask it to search for you in-stream, the new conversational UI makes it easier to navigate to relevant areas and features.

The platform has had another strong year, and while it may not be gaining the same traction as it once did, it is still an important factor for social media marketers, and might be a vital component of your 2024 plan.

And if you want to make the platform a bigger focus, these upgrades might assist. The new Creator Center structure is currently being tested with a small group of users, and the new chatbot is now available in TikTok’s Creative Center.

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