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TikTok New Separation Marketing Measurement Partners 2024


What’s new?

As we go toward a cookie-free future, which will push marketers to discover new ways to evaluate ad effectiveness and reaction, TikTok hopes to provide additional assistance through approved marketing partners in more particular areas, who will be able to share expert guidance on various measurement features.

Along these lines, the application stated today that it will divide its measurement partners into two categories: Cross-Channel and Lift.

A word from TikTok:

“Partners can contextualize and provide greater insight into TikTok ad performance using specialized measurement methods to meet advertiser needs. After significant cooperation with the app and our advertiser clients around the world, these partners have demonstrated the highest standards of measurement excellence in serving as an independent source of truth of TikTok’s ability to drive marketing outcomes.”

The new classification will make it easier for in-app advertisers to receive targeted support in data tracking and campaign performance attribution in a variety of ways.

The application cross-channel measurement partners, for example, can provide insight into the impact of commercials across many marketing touchpoints prior to a purchase.

TikTok Partners


Lift partners, meanwhile, will be able to share more insight into the incremental impact of in-app advertising.


The separation of the various monitoring parts will make it easier to find the proper marketing partner for you, with particular alignment to the measurement targets required in your process.

The application is constantly refining and expanding its marketing partner network, bringing greater experience to firms looking to maximize their expenditure.

If you want to improve the performance of your in-app promotions, contact these recognized partners in your area.

You may view the application complete list of marketing partners here.

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