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TikTok partners up with GIPHY to add new creative elements to the platform

Optimize content creation with this added feature.

Wonder what has made TikTok the ruler of social media platforms these past couple of years? It’s an amalgam of things; however, the users’ ability to post anything about everything in a short and entertaining format brings home the prize.

To make the app even more appealing to influencers and content creators, TikTok recently collaborated with GIPHY to add a ‘GIF’ Library feature that will allow them to incorporate popular animated material within their short videos and react to them.

GIPHY even released a preview showing creators examples of they can use these gifs to jump on the trend:

@giphy keep your 👀 peeled for the newest GIPHY integration on @TikTok ♬ original sound – GIPHY

While the Duet feature already offers users the possibility to react to other people’s content, the gif library will present an interesting take on viral and iconic memes and the different ways videos can be built around them; who knows you can even end up setting your own trend with the new possibilities!

Now, how to use gifs? TikTok’s team is here to walk you through the simple steps:

From the camera screen, tap the new Library icon on the vertical sidebar

Once on the Library screen, you can scroll through trending content or use the search bar to find something specific

Once you’ve selected your content, you can clip to the desired length and return to the shoot page to continue capturing content.

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