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Top 10 tech Influencers to follow

Follow these Tech Influencers to get top tech tips, advice, updates and reviews

Tech Influencers

Tech Influencers

Technology reviewers and Influencers act as guides to the public. Without them, we wouldn’t know which gadgets are worth it, and which gadgets aren’t. We would lost in the vast world of tech. This is why it’s always better to act on the advice of expert individuals, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 tech Influencers you should keep your eye on for updates, tips, tricks, and advice.

EMKWAN (@enkwan)

Jenna Ezarik (@jennaezarik)

Sara Dietschy (@saradietschy)

Marques Brownlee (@mkbhd)

Arun Maini (@mrwhosetheboss)

Austin Evans (@austinnotduncan)

Judner Aura (@uravgconsumer)

Matt Tran (@nvzion)

Karl Conrad (@karlconrad)

Michael Fisher (@themrmobile)

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