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Top 5 grunge influencers for SS23 fashion inspiration – Lookbook

Grunge has been noted as one of the SS23 fashion trends, so we thought we would help you with putting some looks together from grunge influencers on IG.

Grunge SS23 Fashion Inspiration

Since Bottega Veneta, Max Mara, Ralph Lauren, and Simone Rocha were just some of the designers who styled their models in grunge outfits for their SS23 fashion show, it was only right we did some fashion research for you.

What does the term “grunge” mean?

If you are new to the term “grunge,” it is a subculture that rose in the mid-1980s. Grunge combines elements of punk-rock and heavy metal but removes the structure at a much slower speed. If you need a modern-day reference to understand exactly what we mean, then just think of Wednesday from the Adam’s family. She is the definition of grunge/emo.

No idea where to start with your grunge look? We have put together the top 5 grunge influencers on Instagram who are painting their feed in black and white, giving us Wednesday vibes (if you know, you know).


Gringehit is a page full of daily grunge and goth inspiration from fashion to beauty looks. This page is a great way for you to browse the different types of grunge looks and understand the culture a little more. Even if you take a few elements from the page, you’ll fit the SS23 grunge look.


It was surprising to find some colour on Jinxie’s page as everything is literally black (apart from her hair colour!). It seems to be that the playfulness within grunge fashion is in the patters as anyone can wear a black dress, but it’s about styling it with chains or fishnets which is what itsjinxiebutt does quite well.


Get ready with Lua as she does her hair, and makeup and styles herself in GRWM content on her page. Lua has 1.9 million followers on her social media with her striking burnt orange hair being the star of the show. If you want more then just fashion looks/trends, then you can also get your beauty inspiration from Lua as she takes you through her style in short IG Reels.

Mosaku is a Belgium-based influencer who looks as though she lives and breathes grunge fashion. We love how clear the fashion content is on this page and strictly all about black fashion, with a white background. There is so much consistency on this page and so many looks to be inspired by. If anything, this page may even turn you grunge permanently!


Guys looking on here for fashion inspiration, Suhaib is your man. Although he has the “I don’t care” look throughout his profile, his content is engaging and his fashion sense is cool, casual, chic, and grunge. With just over 1,000 followers on Instagram, Suhaib has already made an impression on his followers which includes influencer Logina Salah, Mo Vlogs, and Mony Helall who follow him.