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Twitch ditches support for Nintendo Switch

Twitch bids farewell to the Nintendo Switch app, ending a partnership marred by missing features and limitations

Twitch ditches support for Nintendo Switch

Twitch is bidding adieu to its Nintendo Switch app, signaling the end of an intriguing but ultimately unfulfilled partnership. The app first made its foray onto the Nintendo Switch in late 2021, hoping to provide Switch users with a taste of the live streaming experience. However, from the outset, users encountered issues and limitations that dampened the experience.

Missing chat and engagement

One glaring problem was the inability to view a stream’s chat, a vital component of the Twitch experience. Users found themselves needing to reach for another device to engage with fellow viewers or communicate with their favorite streamers effectively.

The absence of a subscribe feature was another significant shortcoming, preventing users from directly supporting their preferred content creators. Unlike other platforms, where viewers can subscribe to streamers to offer financial support, Nintendo Switch users were left out of the loop.

Twitch ditches support for Nintendo Switch

Twitch pulls the plug on Switch app

The decision to pull the plug on the Nintendo Switch app was confirmed via an update on the Twitch Help page. Gabriella Raila from Twitch acknowledged the decision, stating, “We recently made the difficult decision to remove the Twitch app from the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo remains a valued partner, and we appreciate all of the support the Switch community has provided to Twitch and our streamers.”

The streaming giant recently announced that it will “end support” for the app, which will be removed from the Nintendo eShop on November 6th, 2023. For those who already have it installed, access will be revoked on January 31st, 2024.

Twitch ditches support for Nintendo Switch

Reactions to this news among users and Nintendo Switch owners have been mixed. Some expressed surprise, having only recently discovered the existence of the Twitch app on the platform. Others, despite the app’s limitations, lamented its removal, highlighting the dearth of non-game apps available on the Nintendo Switch compared to other consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

Lack of streaming apps

The Nintendo Switch notably lacks popular streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and HBO Max. However, the platform will still offer video and streaming apps such as YouTube, Hulu, Pokémon TV, and Crunchyroll, even after the departure.

In the end, the discontinuation of the app on the Nintendo Switch marks the conclusion of a partnership that showed potential but ultimately fell short. The limitations of the app underscore the unique challenges faced by streaming services on different gaming platforms and emphasize the importance of user experience and functionality when integrating streaming services into gaming ecosystems.

While Twitch and Nintendo continue to value their partnership, it remains to be seen if future endeavors will better cater to the needs and expectations of both platforms’ users.

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