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A step towards planning your content better…

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Dear Influencers, this should help you plan your 2022’s marketing strategy even better!

Amid the ongoing pandemic, mapping out an effective strategy has been virtually impossible, in all businesses, because with everything changing, we never know what’s getting back to normal and what isn’t, and how each of these re-openings or cancellations will then alter subsequent consumer behavior and activity.

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As you can see here, Twitter’s planner maps out all the key dates and events of note for each month, with a listing of things that are currently scheduled to go ahead.

Of course, you should check in on all the conferences and sporting events individually, to ensure that they actually are being held. But the listing does provide a solid reference guide for all the key tie-in opportunities for your social media campaigns throughout the year.

What’s more, Twitter has published regional events calendars for AustraliaBrazilCanadaFranceGermanyIndiaJapanMENAMexicoSEASpain. and the UK.

It is a great resource, worth bookmarking for your planning – and even if things do change, it is still good to know what’s scheduled to be coming up to better map out your approach.

Couple that with Twitters comprehensive 2022 marketing guide, and you have pretty much all you need to build a solid social media strategy!

You can check out Twitter’s 2022 marketing calendar here.

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