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Twitter Introduces ‘Circle’ Feature for Greater Control Over Who Views Your Tweets

Twitter has begun testing new ‘Circle’ feature, allowing users to share their thoughts with a selected crowd.

Much like Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’ feature, Twitter has recently begun testing a private Circle feature that enables users to share content with a smaller audience.

The feature was previously teased as part of various new product updates, currently only a small number of users are able to live test the feature.

It will allow users to handpick up to 150 people (followers & non-followers) who will be able to view their selected tweet and will prompt users beforehand asking if you’re looking share your tweet with a smaller group.

When building your Circle, the app itself will automatically recommend adding mutuals, who are distinguished by the accounts you tend to interact with often.

It’s important to note (to avoid any sticky situations) that when you reply to a tweet that a user has sent out to their Circle, the other members within that group can see your response and interact with it.

This does not apply if your account is on private.

The app stated “If someone in your Twitter Circle keeps a protected account, only their followers who are also in your Twitter Circle will see their interaction”.

When adding or removing individuals from your circle, they won’t be notified (thankfully) so don’t panic over any awkward confrontations.

Another aspect of this feature that MANY Twitter fans will be happy about is that you will be able to ‘edit’ your Circle even after posting the tweet. Similar to Instagram, those who are not within your selected group will not be able to view it.

This news was announced just days after Tesla’s Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion and some users weren’t too fond of the new feature.

One user wrote, “I don’t think more than 150 people have ever seen my tweets anyway,”.

Another disagreed and said it is “The best feature they’ve ever added to this app” and explained how it allows for a private space to discuss certain “personal issues” or topics that some might find sensitive.

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