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4 trends to help get you creating engaging content!

What's trending on TikTok?

If you’re sitting down wondering what to post on TikTok, then do not worry, we have made a list of what is currently trending so you don’t have to keep scrolling!

  • YOU HAVE 10 SEC – Currently featured as the top trending effect created by mayttearaneda, you have 10 seconds to do whatever it is asked of you on the filter. You will either have to hug someone, eat something, find a lipstick and, well, we wont tell you the rest! 11.4k videos have already been created using the effect with people creating it and sharing their video over other social media channels.
  • AFCON2021 – The African Cup Of National 2021 is here! Join the excitement of AFCON Africa’s greatest international football tournament by sharing your videos and views using #AFCON2021. This trend has 192.9 million views with everyone sharing their love for football. If you’re into sports (and football in particular), then get involved!
  • #WHERETOVISIT – Do you love to travel, visit new places, or explore locations in your own area that you didn’t even know existed? If you answered yes, then this trend is for you. The hashtag has reached 567.8 million views with TikTokers posting incredible montages of beautiful places in their country. If you didn’t want to join in and create a video, then it is worth following the hashtag to see where you should visit next. There may just be a secret doorway opposite your local shop that you didn’t know about…
  • #GAMESTREAMONTIKTOK – Are you a gamer? Prove you are a pro-streamer by sharing your streaming tips, preparation, or simply show the best moments of your game streaming on TikTok! With 65.6 million views, this current trend brings all gamers together to share their love and passion for gaming.

في احد صارت له نفس المشكلة ذي يدته؟ #gamestreamontiktok #حمديز_ستور #ps5 #حمديز

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