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WhatsApp: New video messaging is a game-changer

Using this WhatsApp feature is so easy and it’s hiding in plain sight


New WhatsApp feature

WhatsApp has announced a new feature last month called instant video messages, which allows users to record and send short video messages directly in chats, similar to the voice messages that the app already supports, but we didn’t hear about it until recently.

Instant video messages can be up to 60 seconds in length and will automatically play on mute when a recipient opens a chat. To send an instant video message, users simply need to tap and hold the voice message button and switch to video mode. They can then record their message and send it by releasing the button. You can also swipe up to lock and record the video hands-free. 

WhatsApp says that instant video messages are a quick and easy way to share moments with friends and family, whether it’s a reaction to a message, a funny video, or a quick update. The feature is also end-to-end encrypted, so users can be sure that their messages are private and secure.

Since voice and video calls are unavailable in the UAE, a feature like this unlocks a new way to connect to family and friends that live far away. That’s why we love it.

Available worldwide now

Instant video messages have rolled out to WhatsApp users on both iOS and Android. The feature is available to most regions now, including the United Arab Emirates.

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