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X Launches New Features for Android Users 2024

X has now launched audio and video calls for Android users, following the release of the service on iOS in October


Use Your X DMs to Call

So, if you desire, you may now contact with someone more directly using your X DMs. So long as you are a paying customer, as it is only available to Premium subscribers. As The Verge points out, it’s unclear whether it’s available to Premium Basic subscribers, the cheapest tier of the app’s subscription.

However, if you are paying or willing to pay for the app and want to call them directly from the app, you can now do so.


Though of course, you can also conduct audio and video calls using WhatsApp, Messenger, basically any other messaging tool there is, which all have considerably more users, and are more likely your messaging platform of choice.

However, as part of Elon’s “everything app” concept for the app, it appears to be another significant step toward enabling additional types of connections.

The “everything app”

As with many components of the “everything app” idea, I’m not sure if anyone will utilize any of these additions, but they’re there, and who knows, maybe it’ll come in handy to start a video conference from an X DM discussion.

I can’t imagine anything worse, and I would surely decline that request.

However, for more active X users, it could be beneficial.

As noted by X developer Enrique Barragan, the option is currently being handed out to all Android users.

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