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Can No Longer See What Other X Users are Liking? This New 2024 Feature is Why!

Read more to find out why you can no longer see your friends’ liked tab on X

Protecting your privacy

Ever come across a slightly controversial/offensive/provocative/weird post on X and lol-ed?? Ever wanted to like it but stopped yourself last minute, reconsidering what your followers might think of you?? Well, with the platform’s new feature, you no longer have to overanalyze how people will perceive you. The social media site is now giving you more freedom to Like whatever you want without fear of people stalking your Likes and questioning why they’re friends with you!

Enhancing the platform

In that same way, the Meta-owned social network is hoping to encourage people to Like more posts, increasing user engagement and giving the algorithm more personalized data to fit your weird taste. So it really is a win-win situation! X has been introducing a few more features to enhance your experience. Read more about them here.

Expanding the feature

Last September, this invisible Likes feature was developed for paying users as a Profile Customization option to hide their Likes.


This feature is now being expanded to everyone. This means that:

Do you like this new no Liked tab feature? Read more.

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