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X Premium subscribers can now hide their likes


What is X Premium?

X Premium, formerly known as Twitter Blue, is a paid subscription service that provides several features for individual users, including verification, and the ability to edit tweets. The subscription is priced at $8 per month in the US. If a user is found eligible for verification, they should see the blue checkmark on their account about three days after they subscribe.

Subscribers of X Premium can now choose to hide the paid-for blue check icon from their profile, which may help avoid online ridicule.

Other features include being able to post longer tweets, use text formatting such as bold and italics, undo sent posts in DMs, and NFT profile pictures. The features on the premium version of the app are some of the several changes Elon Musk has made to the platform since buying it.

Musk’s most noticeable change for the app was formally changing Twitter’s legal name to X Corp in April 2023. He soon after stepped down as CEO, and was replaced by Linda Yaccarino.

Most recent updates

Elon Musk’s most recent updates to the premium version include users being able to hide their likes tab from public view.

Elon has hinted at wanting to make likes private on the social media app previously.

The bookmarks feature available to all users can be used in a similar way if a user wants to save things privately. According to a recent screenshot shared by the official X account, it appears that likes on posts may not be completely hidden. Instead, a Premium user’s likes are still visible on individual posts.

There have been numerous instances throughout the years in which Twitter likes have embarrassed high-profile users from American Senators to Harry Styles. Elon will keep his likes public. In a post on X, he said he recommends keeping them publicly viewable and using the bookmarks feature for “interesting posts.”

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