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YouTube 2024: New AI Features for Live Streamers

YouTube has introduced the first stage of its new AI chapters, which aim to assist users go to the next most relevant segment of a video, while also introducing some new features for live-streamers, such as HDR streaming


Video Chapters

First, let’s talk about video chapters. Last month, YouTube said that it is testing a new method to assist users jump to the greatest sections of a video, using an AI-driven approach that considers the most watched elements and allows you to fast ahead to those places.

The procedure is already in live testing and could be especially useful for individuals who watch YouTube videos on their televisions.

As demonstrated in this example by the CEO Neal Mohan, the algorithm attempts to recognize logical and popular chunks inside any clip, allowing you to jump to the next most relevant segment without having to hold down the forward arrow (or equivalent).

Because that can be rather bothersome, especially on a TV remote, and with an increasing number of people enjoying YouTube material on their televisions, this might be a significant and useful upgrade.

Meanwhile, live streamers …

There are some useful updates. First, there are Live reactions, which allow Live makers to see reactions to their broadcasts and where they occurred using their analytics.


As shown in this example, you’ll be able to monitor what reactions occurred when during your broadcast, providing you a better understanding of audience response.

Which could tell you what people like and dislike, as well as what elicited the most responses.

Creators will find the new Live responses overview under YouTube Studio’s “Content” > “Overview” tab (on both web and mobile).

Live streamers will now have increased quality considerations, including the ability to stream in HDR.

A Word From YouTube

“With HDR you get crisper whites, inkier blacks, and better-looking colors that pop. HDR also allows you to capture much more detail in your stream, because fine-grained color gradations are preserved instead of being smeared out, resulting in hyper-detailed, hyper-realistic streams for your viewers.”


YouTube further notes that gaming streamers can also live stream in HDR, if the game that they’re playing is also in HDR.

It’s a more technical consideration, but for those YouTubers who are looking to enhance the quality of their streams, you now have more options available.

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