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YouTube Music reveals AI-powered playlist art

Users can now create playlist cover art on YouTube Music with AI

youtube music reveals ai generated playlist art

Users can now create custom playlist cover art on YouTube Music using generative AI to compete with Spotify, although uploading their own images is still not an option.

YouTube Music is getting some updates

YouTube Music is shaking things up with a cool new feature that lets you get creative with your playlist cover art.

The feature is only rolling out for English language users in the US for now, but YouTube says to “stay tuned for expansion to other regions and languages globally.” Previously, YouTube automatically created an image by merging the art for the first four songs in your playlist into a grid-like format. This should at least help you capture the feel of your playlist even if you can’t use your own images.

According to YouTube, “The guided experience allows users to effortlessly explore from a range of visual themes and options to create one-of-a-kind cover art that expresses the uniqueness of your personal playlists.”

In addition to this exciting update, YouTube has announced several other features that will be added to its music streaming service. One of them is the “speed dial” feature, which will place your most-listened-to content on your homepage, making it easier to access your favorite tunes. This feature is expected to arrive in the “coming months.”

They also recently released the ability to create custom radio stations earlier this year and also added a TikTok-like “Samples” feature, allowing users to discover new music by listening to song snippets. Moreover, they introduced a comments section for songs in their ongoing effort to compete with Spotify, which recently experienced a boost in monthly active users.

How to generate your own playlist art with AI

Here’s how it works: Just hit the pen icon lurking in the bottom right corner of your playlist’s cover art. From there, you get to pick a category for your art, like animals, food, colors, nature, or travel.

Now, the fun part – you can go totally random or choose from some funky prompts. Want an AI-generated pug in the style of a Medieval Gothic painting? The AI will generate five different image options, and once you’ve found “the one,” just hit “save,” and that’s your playlist’s new look.

Creators with little design skills don’t have to worry about their visuals. With this AI-generated artwork, they can create unique, eye-catching playlist covers that align with their brand, making their playlists more recognizable and memorable on YouTube Music. Creators can also use AI-generated art to visually convey the mood, theme, or story of the playlist, enhancing the overall listening experience for their audience.

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