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Youtube’s new features include activity graph & updated membership prices

We’re not sure if we’re ready for the changes happening on the platform.

Let’s face it, the Internet today is a battlefield where social media platforms are fighting to pull users towards their side and Youtube’s new features can surely testify to this fact.

In case you haven’t heard, the video hosting platform is introducing a new video activity graph to all videos, with the purpose of showcasing the most engaged moments in a given video and that is based on the frequency in which a certain segment is replayed by viewers.

Youtube's new features
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To further explain the benefits of the first of Youtube’s new features, the platform’s team states:

“The peaks of the graph indicate the parts of the video that have been most replayed, and the graph will only appear if the user starts seeking. We found in our experiments that viewers love this feature, with 85% of users liking the option.”

If we look at Youtube’s new features from a user’s perspective, this addition will be really helpful, especially when trying to navigate a video that takes forever to get to the point. By having the ability to use this tool, it’ll be easier to skip the parts you’re not interested in and get to the bottom of it.

However, it’s also easy to understand why content creators aren’t very fond of Youtube’s new features; their subscribers now have access to a new tool that can impact their watch time seeing that there will be less reason for viewers to wait around and see if something exciting is about to happen.

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Moreover, Youtube’s new features will definitely allow you to test and see how loyal your subscribers are, with the platform increasing the maximum price of monthly channel membership to $499, a drastic increase from the $99 that was previously charged.

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So now, if your fans are really engaged and dedicated to your channel, you have the chance to increase the price of your memberships by more than 5x the previous limit, which is definitely a huge jump from the number that was established. Whether people are really willing to pay $499 a month for a channel subscription or not is still unknown; however, Youtube still decided to add it as it was requested by many creators.

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