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Surprising twist 2023: Jc Caylen is WHAT?

In a surprising and unexpected twist, Jc Caylen just announced an upcoming wedding?! and it’s HIS?


YouTube Star, Jc Caylen just announced his former girlfriend, Chelsey Malia Amaro as his fiancé. That was not the news we expected to wake up to this morning but nonetheless, we couldn’t be happier.

Jc’s Hard Launch

Caylen, A YouTube sensation since 2010, whom we all watched growing up recently took to Instagram by posting a picture of Chelsey with a ring on her finger captioned “Mr. & Mrs Castillo coming soon” AWE. After years and years of the YouTube star telling everyone he might never be married and he isn’t the marriage type. This sure was shocking.

All his fellow YouTube friends blew up the comment section embracing how happy they are for him. Which was so adorable.

Let’s dig deep

Since 2017, JC Caylen has been in a relationship with Chelsey Amaro. Then, in 2020, JC Caylen and Chelsey split up in public, but they soon got back together. In 2018, their relationship took a serious turn when she started to feature frequently in his YouTube videos, particularly those where he featured on other channels. She had an early appearance on The Fine Bros’ YouTubers React video, for instance.

Both he and his girlfriend are successful and comfortable in their own lanes and have avid fans for their relationship too. In every sense of the word, Caylen is doing well for himself. Chelsey is a lucky girl.

When’s the wedding??

As of now, both Jc and Chelsey haven’t addressed any of the comments including their wedding diaries but one thing we know for sure, they will have a wedding and the cutest one for sure. CONGRATULATIONS JC AND CHELSEY.


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