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Tana Mongeau loses sponsor after podcast rant: What Influencers can learn

Read for a breakdown of Tana Mongeau’s recent controversy and what Influencers can learn from it

Tana Mongeau

Who is Tana Mongeau?

Tana Mongeau is a YouTuber best known for her exaggerated ‘storytimes’ about her life as an influencer. This has racked her over 5 million subscribers on YouTube and 5.5 million followers on Instagram. She has since become an entrepreneur, rapper, and podcast host. Her podcast ‘Cancelled’ receives more than half a million viewers weekly.

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She was also the subject of several headlines in 2019 after her short-lived relationship with YouTube boxer Jake Paul. The two even had a mock marriage ceremony in Vegas — but the relationship did not last.

Recent controversy explained

Tana Mongeau recently went on a trip to France, which she recalled during a recent podcast ‘Cancelled’ episode. During her time there, she went on a wine tour led by an internationally recognized French wine expert. On the podcast, Mongeau only used the wine expert’s first name, Cynthia, but a simple Google search by fans was able to display the guide’s personal website.

Cynthia Coutu owns Delectabulles, a company that hosts fun champagne workshops in Paris. She is a certified wine expert, who has won several accolades, including “Best Wine Experience in Paris” by Travel and Hospitality Awards and “Wine Expert of the Year” by Luxury Travel Guide Global Awards.

In the podcast, Mongeau says she had expected the tour to involve vehicles, but it turned out to be a lengthy walking tour. She blamed Coutu for not informing her group, but Coutu shared screenshots with NBC News of the itinerary she sent to Mongeau’s friend that said to bring a bottle of water and to wear comfortable walking shoes.

After Mongeau appeared disinterested during her five hours of a twelve-hour tour, Coutu said Mongeau was “being extremely disrespectful”, leading to a heated exchange. Recalling the incident on her podcast, Mongeau repeatedly expressed wanting to physically fight the tour guide. “I literally, I absolutely want her dead. At the hands of me,” she said during the episode.

Tana Mongeau also read an advertisement for Babbel, a platform that helps people learn languages, on the podcast as one of its sponsors, stating “And with Babbel, I could have told Cynthia the wine tour lady to shut up in her native language.” Soon after, the company revealed they were no longer working with Mongeau.

What can Influencers take away from this?

This story can teach Influencers many lessons. The most important being to remain professional and respectful, even if you have a negative experience. Tana Mongeau’s behavior towards the wine expert was unprofessional, and talking about her in relation to Babbel disrespectfully, ultimately cost her a sponsorship deal. Remember that your sponsors are investing in you, and they expect you to represent yourself and them in a positive light.

This is also a good reminder to be a great partner. Once you’ve signed a sponsorship deal, be a good partner to the sponsor. This means delivering on your commitment and promoting the sponsor’s products or services in a flattering light, and not in connection with separate negative experiences.

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