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WhatsApp new privacy feature 2023

WhatsApp adds a brand new privacy feature, is WhatsApp the new snapchat?


Now, you can add a special code to each chat on the application to ensure that no one else can access them on your phone.

A word from Whatsapp

As explained by WhatsApp:

“With a secret code you’ll now be able to set a unique password different from what you use to unlock your phone to give your locked chats an extra layer of privacy. You’ll have the option to hide the Locked Chats folder from your chatlist so that they can only be discovered by typing your secret code in the search bar.”


But why though?

The new feature is an extension of Chat Lock, a feature that WhatsApp first released in May. The main purpose of Chat Lock is to assist those who share their phone with others, such as family members. While this is not a typical practice worldwide, it is very frequent in some areas. Lower-middle class households, for instance, frequently only have one device that the family shares, with parents and siblings dividing up the usage time, in developing countries like India.

Pros and Cons

The ability to restrict access to specific conversations could come in handy in these kinds of circumstances and give WhatsApp users more privacy.

Additionally, you can now add manual codes to further secure your discussions from prying eyes.

Even while it’s not ideal to remember multiple codes, if you truly want to keep your talks private, it’s worth it.

WhatsApp also informs users that, instead of opening the chat’s settings, you may now long press on a chat to lock it.

Given that WhatsApp prides itself on enhancing data security and privacy, it makes reasonable to provide users with additional alternatives in this area. The option does just that.


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