YouTube News

YouTube Launches New Real-Time Analytics For Artists
Artists will be able to monitor their content and global reach in real time
YouTubeTV increases monthly price to $64.99
It's the most expensive Cable TV alternative
YouTube Influencer Jenna Marbles quits her channel
She's yet another star who has faced blackface backlash from fans

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"Video Chapters" In Testing on YouTube's Platform
Skip through to relevant sections in a video with YouTube's new test, "Video Chapters"
COVID-19/5G Conspiracy Theory Videos on YouTube Will be Restricted
Any ideas regarding COVID-19 and 5G conspiracy linked together will be restricted on YouTube.
Had Your Video Removed on YouTube? Good Luck Getting It Back
The struggle is real (and sometimes confusing) for many creators
“Creator Liaison” is Coming to YouTube Very Soon
YouTube’s coming in with a new way to make creators happy
YouTube is Bringing a New Feature to Help Creators Earn More Money
The vide-sharing platform is currently testing "Applause"
YouTube is Changing It's Verification Process
Content creators will not be happy about this
YouTube Rolls Out YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in the UAE
Looks like Spotify and Anghami have some serious competition
MoVlogs Is Leaving YouTube
Say goodbye to one of the biggest creators in the region